Production & Raw Materials
At a time when healthy foods are taking up more and more space in our daily diet, Florinas Itea soft drinks are "coming" to enhance your effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Itea florinas soft drinks
Natural raw materials

The juices used to make our soft drinks are 100% Greek, natural, concentrated fruit juices from Argolida Peloponnese.

They arrive at our production site, maintaining all the necessary nutrients
of a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Rich flavour, excellent aroma and freshness of the Greek land.

Sour Water from Florina

Greece is a gifted country and the land of Florina is famous for its water. Cool, almost frozen naturally sparkling water streams from our springs.

This water, known as “sour” water, is used for bottling our soft drinks. The natural carbonate it contains encapsulates the taste of the juice and leaves a strong sense of the spirit of the sour water, which will surely quench your thirst.

A secret that cannot be copied and which since half a century, since 1969, has been giving you the same special and distinctive flavour.

Itea florinas soft drinks

Mineral water and Natural fruit juices … We offer you Greece and nature in your glass, you just look for us!