Soft drink industry FLORINAS ITEA
50 years of operation


The soft drink industry FLORINAS ITEA Ltd is located east of the city of Florina, 12 km away from it, in the village of Itea.

The factory was founded in 1969 and is the oldest active bottling factory in the Prefecture Florina.

The Greek soft drink company
Soft Drinks of Florina
Its facilities are located on a plot of 14 acres and occupy a volume of 1,500 sqm, of which 1,100 sqm are production and storage areas and 400 sqm offices & utility rooms.
50 years of operation is proof of a course that respects the consumer. Our love and affection for soft drinks has given us a variety of products quite complete in terms of consumer demands.
quality & flavour
Choosing only Greek natural juices, combined with the naturally carbonated sour water of Florina all these years, we have ensured the maximum quality and the special taste in our refreshments.
The production and bottling of soft drinks is done with the most modern methods and the company is certified according to HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005.