Our History
florinas soft drinks
time delight
The operation of the factory in 1969 begins with the bottling of glass bottles of 250 ml.

Within a short time, and as early as the mid-1970s, FLORINAS ITEA soft drinks conquered the hearts of consumers and surpassed the boundaries of our prefecture.

Their particularly distinctive taste is due to bottling with the naturally carbonated sour water of the area.

Continuing the steady upward trend, bottling of PET 1 1/2 lit and 330 ml PET bottles took place in 1989 and since 2002 the company has been bottling PET 2 liter PET bottles. Externally, the factory maintains its traditional look, in order to keep the memory and history of the local product that managed to be known all over Greece intact!

The experience of many years and the unbeatable quality of FLORINAS ITEA soft drinks have made us the best-known soft drink with the brand name Florina.

Exhibitions & Awards
From 1969 until today, our company has taken part in dozens of exhibitions and has received many awards.
Older promotional action
The authentic flavour from 1969 until today offers a timeless delight and awakens childhood memories,
of all those who taste it again.
The company celebrates 50 years of operation and warmly thanks you for your valuable support throughout its course.

Half a century and we continue...

the refreshing point of view

since 1969

timeless enjoyment, authentic flavour!
florinas itea